The Health Insurance Plan in India

Health Insurance Plan in India

Health is undeniably one of the most precious assets of human beings. Unfortunately, the contemporary lifestyles and unhygienic environmental exposures have put the health of human beings at stake. Emergence of different types of medical disorders has subsequently rendered potentially harmful consequences on the health of human beings. Sometimes, to recuperate from such medical disorders, the patients have to undergo urgent medical attention at certain hospital where the patient is treated by attending doctor. Considering today's expensive medical treatments, ordinary patients with no sufficient money have problems to avail such quality and expensive treatments during medical emergency.

Thanks to medical policies that have made medical treatments bearable and affordable for the patients. If you are insured under a certain medical policy, your insurance company can bear your medical bills significantly while enabling you pay nominal amount of money from your pocket for the medical costs.

With this importance, health plan or Mediclaim policy has become an optimal choice for the people of India today.

There are a lot of health insurance companies in India. All of them sell out respective healthcare plans at different prices to the people of India. Unquestionably, most people become a bit confused when it comes to choosing a good company to avail affordable and cost-effective health plan. Understandably, people need extensive searches using the Internet to get one of the best healthcare service providers in India in order to buy cost-effective health plans. Companies such as HDFC, ICICI Lombard, Royal Sundaram, TATA AIG, bajaj allianz health insurance and others ensure people of India to avail quality health care products at affordable price.

Generally, the health care plans of such companies entail cashless hospitalization. According to the facility, the insured patient, during the time of medical emergence is covered for medical costs for his/her hospitalization of more than 24 hours at any one of the listed network hospitals of the healthcare service provider. In other words, if the insured patient is hospitalized for more than 24 hours at any hospital that is listed in the network hospitals of insurance company, the major portions of costs of medication are born by the company rather than the patient insured. No doubt, chance of availing cashless hospitalization becomes nil if the insured patient has his/her medical treatment at other hospital that is not listed in the network hospitals of the company. In that case, the company reimburses the medical costs at a later time.

Health plans such as individual or family floater are available in India but they should be purchased from a reliable healthcare service provider. Make sure that you search more details about such company to buy cost-effective medical policy for your need.

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